About Kathēkon

Kathekon provides grants to organisations seeking to transform society through evidence-driven investments in education, social welfare, and civil society. While Nigeria is a current focus, we seek to impact the world through Africa.

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Our Goals

To undertake scalable development programs in our areas of focus until they yield systemic change.

  • To improve the quality of education available to low-income families.

  • To fund credible organizations and support underserved communities.

  • To rebrand and reenergize civil society.

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General Framework

If results fall too far below the anticipated outcomes, we shall redirect capital to a new region where the project will probably be more successful, or to support an entirely different area of need.

Our Team
Co-FounderExecutive DirectorIfedolapo Ogunjubee
Co-FounderDirector of OperationsMorisola Alaba
Co-FounderDirector of CommunicationsSocrates Mbamalu
Social Media ManagerAdebimpe Adeyemi